Citycoco Chopper

Power 1.500 Watt & 2000 Watt
Battery Lithium – 60 Volt – 12 & 20 Ah
Top Speed 35 – 55 Km/h
Distance Range 35 – 50 Km
Max Climb 30 Degree
Charging Time 3 Hours (Full)
Wight 72 Kg (Empty)
Max Load 200 Kg
Tire Size 215/40 – 12 mm

High stability, impact and balance protection
Citycoco Chopper is built for safety, with high-strength frame structure and a robust-mounted battery pack allowing for great impact protection
With 215/40-12 mm wide and straight grain tubeless tire makes incredible balance, firm grip, and smooth handling
With hydraulic brake systems attach electrical vehicle which is light and has no vibration makes braking more sensitive and enhancing the braking effect completely

Citycoco Chopper has standard for performance and safety fit to urban or city mobility
The electric powertrain, low center of gravity, and big wheel provide the best performance, range and efficiency
With safety speed limiter and speed level switcher, citycoco is ready for urban or city mobility with top speed up to 55 km/hr
With 3 hours full battery charge time, travel anywhere up tp 50 km range. Bring extra battery to double the travel distance.

Citycoco Chopper is built with best in class design, a fun eye-catching electric scooter design is fit for urban lifestyle. Customize design with fenders, multi-layered paint, seat, wheel, etc. Every element was designed with the safety prior, updated technology, and the environment in mind, also with uncompromised aesthetics and lifestyle.


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